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an electric vehicle

About Us

Go green, and get something extra for it.

At Inductive, our mission is to help bring electric vehicle technology into the mainstream. We provide the resources to turn your internal combustion vehicle into an electric one. Not only will a modern electric conversion be more environmentally friendly, in many cases it will outperform the original gasoline engine.

We can provide anything from conversion parts for the DIY enthusiast, to a complete turnkey custom electric vehicle – based on the car of your choice.

Our Products

Want to build your own EV? We can help.

Conversion Subframes & Motor Mounting

Subframes designed to put electric motors into specific gasoline vehicles, and other electric motor mounting solutions.

Conversion Electronics

Equipment to integrate an electric drivetrain with your car’s original factory systems.

General EV Parts

Parts for whatever your EV need might be.

We are developing a full range of EV solutions for any type of project.

How can we help make your EV dream a reality?​

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